Aladdin Precision Lighting Tech Limited

A few words about us
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Aladdin Precision Lighting Tech Limited

Aladdin Lighting was founded in the end of 2012.The headmaster is located in Shenzhen City,Guangzhou Province .


We are a high and new technology enterprise /manufacturer specialized in production and development of LED Grow Lights,LED Aquarium Lights & LED underwater Lights etc.



Our LED Grow Lights have been widely applied in Horticulture ,Hydroponics ,Agriculture , Floriculture,Cultivation , Propagation , scientific researching and development ,plant factory,Aerospace ecological health system etc.


Aladdin Lighting has one LED Package plant ,hardware factory power supply factory and LED Lighting manufacturer.


Since the company was founded in 2012, after years of rapid development, it has been recognized by many of the world's top 500 companies and has formed strategic partnerships with them. Aladdin Lighting Co., Ltd. integrates product R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service, and has established wholesaler or distributors in the United States, Chile, Canada, Europe and other countries or regions. professional service. Excellent talents, advanced technology, scientific management, and pragmatic and enterprising entrepreneurial spirit make Aladdin Lighting continue to be in the leading position in this industry. It is the real core competitiveness of Aladdin Lighting.


All our products are LM-80 (smd/cob), RoHS, CE , FCC certified; some of them are UL certified and CE certified . We strictly follow ISO/TS16949 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system.


We provide our clients with one-stop-shopping service for our quality products through our leading international expertise, and state of the art product testing facilities.


After 6 years of rapid development, Aladdin Lighting has always adhered to the "green innovation, high efficiency and energy saving" environmental protection concept, and the industry has gradually extended to mobile phone control, wireless control, smart and remote control system, and increased investment in new energy applications.


As standing at the forefront of internet +Aladdin Lighting staffs will make all efforts to be committed to become the worldwide new energy saving provider and contribute to the global energy conservation and carbon emission!

Company Details

Main Market

North America

South America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Middle East


Business Type





Brands : Forest Grower

No. of Employees : 75~150

Annual Sales : 1000000-5000000

Year Established : 2012

Export p.c : 90% - 100%

Company Service

Aladdin Precision Lighting Product Warranty Provisions

Our Product Warranty Provisions as following:


1. Aladdin Lighting provides a product warranty for 3 years (Starting from the date of goods delivery from Aladdin Lighting) .  

2. Aladdin Lighting Product Warranty applies only to product quality issues.

3. Damages of or quality deficiencies caused by light components specified by or purchased by customers are not covered under the Product Warranty.

4. Aladdin Precision Lighting reserves the right to determine if the issue results from quality deficiencies. If the customer disagrees with the judgement made by us, then an independent judgement made by a third party accepted by both parties will be adopted. Aladdin Precision Lighting reserves the right of final interpretation of the Product Warranty Provisions.


Limitations of Warranty


  • No limited warranty is provided by Aladdin Precision Lighting unless the product was purchased from us.
  • Aladdin Lighting warranty does not cover products which have been received improperly packaged, altered, or physically damaged.
  • The warranty does not apply to any product that had been unwrapped, altered or misused.Except for our permission.
  • The warranty does not apply to any product or parts thereof where the serial number or the serial number of any of its parts has been altered, defaced, or removed.
  • The warranty does not cover the loss or damage due to acts of god.

Company Team

          Forest -Sales Manager    



           Sophie-Sales Manager 


             Wendy-Sales Manager 



              Lisa- Sales Representative 


               Jennifer -Sales Representative 


                 Neil- Sales Representative


                Alice- Sales Representative

Test Equipment

IES Testing , Light-distribution photometer /Integrating Sphere



DC Power supply

AC/DC Withstanding voltage /Insulation Resistance / Ground Bond Tester


High-low temperature test chamber

Lightning Surge Generator

LED Lighting Aging and Life Test system